"The Top 5" Program

attract the right team

Step 1

Provide NOVIDEA with resumes received from recruiting efforts (print media, online media, referrals, etc.).

Step 2

NOVIDEA will qualify the resumes based upon the position requirements (qualifications, experience, longevity at previous practices, clinical/clerical skills, and general character attributes).

Step 3

Based upon our analysis, we identify The Top 5 candidates, who then complete NOVIDEA's qualification process as follows:

  • Personal Behavioral Interview with NOVIDEA Healthcare's Human Resource Consultant (the interview process typically lasts between an hour and a half to two hours)
  • Clinical/Clerical Competency Testing Program
  • Completion of Skills Inventory
  • Minimum of 3 Professional Reference Checks
  • Verification of Training/Education and Licensures

Step 4

A profile, which analyzes the clinical/clerical skills and general character attributes of each candidate, is provided to you. We then rank who we believe would be the most successful candidate based on organizational fit for your office.

Step 5

Based upon the profile analysis and a final interview with your practice, the right candidate is identified and an offer is made.

The Benefit to You...

Enhanced analysis of candidates, TIME savings and ECONOMIC savings.

The Top 5 is just another way that NOVIDEA Healthcare partners with your practice to help save time and money, and allow you to do what you do best: focus on patient care and the success of your practice.

Contact us now to begin saving time and money!