Manage Your Team

manage your team

Does your team succeed in achieving your organization's goals?

One of your most important assets is your team members. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the practice, and applying the collective and individual skills of its team members to maximize the rate of return, is the main focus of managing your team.

  • Are the strengths of the team consistent with the needs of the practice to accomplish its goals and objectives?
  • Reflecting upon the weaknesses of the team, what can be done to improve the team's ability to reach the stated goals and objectives?
    • Do you provide performance reviews?
    • Do you have performance improvement plans?
    • Do you offer coaching, counseling and progressive discipline?
    • Are you able to terminate the weakest team member?
  • Does the time you spend on employee adminstration infringe upon patient care?

Management with ease...

NOVIDEA Healthcare provides an assortment of solutions tailored to the needs of your practice.

"HR Plus" Program

A comprehensive HR infrastructure for your organization ... including guidance on employment policies, issues and regulations.

Human Resource Services

Management tools, provided on an individual basis, to assist in managing your team.