"Benefits Plus" Program

retain the right team

The benefits of "Benefits Plus"...

Partnering with NOVIDEA Healthcare through our "Benefits Plus" Program provides your practice the opportunity to:

  • Eliminate the hassle of payroll processing, including the processing and payment of payroll taxes and year-end W-2s.
  • Offer an enhanced compensation package via reduced health insurance and other benefit costs due to NOVIDEA's purchasing power and group rating.
  • Simplify claims management for workers' compensation and unemployment.
  • Manage regulatory compliance (e.g., benefits, payroll, HIPAA, EEOC).
  • Provide a Human Resource infrastructure (such as employee handbooks, forms, policies and procedures) designed to reduce turnover and retain top team members.
  • Reduce the administrative burdens and challenges associated with employing the support staff and realize efficiency and expertise in managing many of the aspects of employment. The time that the practice manager would normally spend on employee administrative issues can now be focused on managing the practice.

YOUR PRACTICE is responsible for:

  • Controlling your employees' work activities
  • Directing your employees in their daily responsibilities

NOVIDEA Healthcare is responsible for:

  • Paying your employees
  • Supplying them with benefits such as health, dental, vision, life, disability & 401(k)
  • Affording them protections like workers' compensation
  • Providing them with guidance on employment policies and procedures
  • Assisting employees in problem resolution related to employment practices

Everyone wins!

The result is two-fold: more time for you and your employees to focus on patient care, and an increase in attention to the human resource administration function. In addition, by having and managing a larger workforce, NOVIDEA Healthcare is able to provide you with a comprehensive benefits package, and many other advantages smaller business can't administer or afford.

Learn more about the specific PEO services provided under the "Benefits Plus" Program...

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